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This oughtta be Interesting...New Randy Rhoads Book

New Randy Rhoads Book from Velocity Publishing

New Randy Rhoads Book from Velocity Publishing

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If I'm counting correctly, we have 2 books currently, and two tentative. "Off the Rails" by Rudy Sarzo,  "Crazy Train" by Joel McIver, and then the one mentioned in the post below, "You Can't Kill Rock N' Roll" followed by "Randy Rhoads," from Velocity Publishing.

(Edit, I'm also hearing about a Bob Daisley Book as well now..., and I also forgot the previous "A Life" Book)

Not that I could possibly get Randy Rhoads Book fatique, I'm just a little out of the loop these passed few years, so I'm catching up. It seems like in the passed 10 years or so the flood gates have slowley started dripping out more info that makes the 80's and 90's memorabilia look like next to nothing - Some old VHS tapes, a handful of Guitar magazines... I know I always say it but I'm very appreciated of those in the online community, before "Web 2.0," that created their sites and shared the information and I think thats where it really all started.

Now if we could see where that pesky documentary is at... Years back in its infancy I had originally built a site for it. Not even sure whats going on with anything anymore. Did get to have some interesting conversations with Peter Margolis out of it all at least.

Ah well, enough blabbering. Metal Matt, signing off.

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