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Interview with Randy Rhoads’ Biographer


Randy Rhoads

Interview with Randy Rhoads’ Biographer


For 30 years, Randy Rhoads fans have been left to ponder what the beloved guitarist might have gone on to achieve, had he not died tragically in a plane crash in 1982. Andrew Klein can’t answer that question, but he can authoritatively address nearly any other subject related to Rhoads’ life and career. Working with veteran music scribe Steven Rosen and former Rhoads guitar student Peter M. Margolis, Klein has just published a 400-plus-page coffee table book — titled, simply, Randy Rhoads — that teems with insights from those who knew Rhoads best. Fleshed out with hundreds of rare photos, the book presents a portrait of a virtuoso guitarist whose six-string wizardry was matched by a humble spirit and a deep affection for those in his inner circle. In this first installment of a two-part interview, Klein talks about Rhoads’ relationship with Ozzy Osbourne, his eclectic musical tastes and why he continues to be such a revered figure.

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