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Bob Daisley / Peter Margolis Dispute

A bit of old news, bt news none the less. It really would have been nice if this Documentary could have saw the light of Day. It's been over 30 years, can't we just get some new stuff out there. I appreciate the box set Ozzy did, was very cool to see the New Mexico footage. And trust me I don't mean to downplay that. We all spend years waiting for pro-shot Diary footage and it hit when we least expected it. I guess my point in rambling is to say, it takes so much to get anything Randy Rhoads related released.

In 2007 I was contacted by Peter Margolis requesting that at some stage I be interviewed for a film being made by Dakota Films about the life and times of Randy Rhoads. I forwarded the email to my manager, Drew Thompson and replied to Margolis's email saying that I would consider the proposal without saying that I would or wouldn't get involved. Drew Thompson in turn contacted Margolis as well, but because nothing immediate was to take place, he said we'd wait to hear back from them. Drew never did hear back from Margolis or anyone else. Kevin DuBrow (Quiet Riot) also contacted me via email with regard to the film. He warned me against getting involved with Margolis et al and told me that he was having nothing to do with any of them and that he thought the whole thing would be a fiasco. Kevin seemed to know more about Margolis and his cronies than anyone else I knew but unfortunately, I didn't get to ask him much more because by the time I'd had further contact with them, sadly, Kevin had died.




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